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    Howard and Cathy Lewis have three nice duplexes they rent. Our business philosophy is to rent a nice apartment to nice people at a fair price. Owning and maintaining these houses is how we can finance our retirement from the school system. It is our goal to make life in our apartments as comfortable as possible.

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    All apartments have newer appliances. We do all the yard work and most snow removal. Our practice is to include all the utilities with the rent for convenience. Being so close to downtown businesses is a nice advantage all these homes have.

135 SW 4th AVE Apartment 1 and Apartment 2

519/521 South Main Street

407/409 South Main Street

519/521 South Main St. (click above: 519/521 S.Main

    This home has a one bedroom upstairs. A nice deck gives this apartment a unique advantage. The window A/C and garage are included.

    On the main floor there is a two bedroom apartment. It has two full baths,  a washer and dryer, and window A/C. It also has a one car garage.

135 SW 4th Avenue (click above: 135 SW 4th  ) 

    This home has a three bedroom upstairs apartment with a nice enclosed three season porch. It includes a washer/dryer, dish washer, central air, and  over sized single car garage with work shop area. 

    The downstairs apartment has 1.5 baths, washer/dryer, attached heated one car garage, and central air. This home was completely remodeled in the last three years.  

407/409 South Main St.(click above: 407/409 S. Main

    This home has a one bedroom upstairs apartment with nice hardwood floors and fresh paint. It is a cozy place that includes a window air conditioner and a new washer and dryer. There is plenty of area for storage in an easily accessible attic area and in part of the garage. 

    Downstairs has a two bedroom apartment with  1.5 baths. There are hardwood floors and a large basement with plenty of room for storage. It includes a washer and dryer. Half of the garage is reserved for this apartment.



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